InteropX Vision

Access to the healthcare data you are authorized to must not be more complicated than accessing any other data from an external system

The EHR revolution, incentivised through Meaningful Use, has significantly improved the quality of care and at the same time reduced the cost of operating a healthcare business. The next revolutionary transformation of our healthcare system must address the ever increasing cost of providing healthcare to our citizens. We believe that a significant portion of the cost can be attributed to data sharing and interoperability challenges. Our vision is to eliminate these challenges by using an EHR agnostic data access platform that allows secure, scalable, and efficient access to that you are authorized to access.

Our Platform & Modules
InteropX platform demo is coming soon...

Our Mission

Our mission is to dramatically improve efficiency of your business processes requiring healthcare data access from any EHR system. Easy and scalable data access from EHR systems is how we reduce your cost of doing business. Our approach is to leverage healthcare data standards and create a data agnostic access platform that can seamlessly integrate with any EHR system and enable your systems to access the data exactly as your system expects. We do all this without adding any new burden on the providers using the EHR system or requiring your system administrators to make changes in your system. 

InteropX Leadership Team

Latif Khalil

Latif Khalil

President and Co-founder of InteropX

A proven solutions architect, accomplished entrepreneur, and a trailblazer in healthcare data standards and interoperability.

Nagesh Bhasyam

Nagesh Bhasyam

Executive VP and Technical Advisor

A proven technology leader across multiple healthcare domains. Has architected and delivered projects of national significance.

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