InteropX Services

InteropX, with its partners, provides full range of healthcare data management, data aggregation, data analytics and data dissemination services. Our extended team can create cost-effective custom solutions that fit our customer’s unique set of requirement. 

A sample of our service offerings include: 

Standards Compliance and HL7 FHIR Enablement

It is always easier to achieve interoperability if everyone is following same standard(s). However, that is far from reality now, and everyone must be able to support multitude of health IT standards and protocols. InteropX solutions can help you achieve standards compliance with minimal disruption to your existing IT infrastructure. Our health IT standards and interoperability subject matter experts can help you navigate through complex and difficult decision-making process to achieve the compliance that best fits your need.

InteropX and its partners provide HL7 FHIR enablement services to expose APIs for your existing data assets — repositories, clinical systems, claims systems etc. Addition of HL7 FHIR APIs will help your organization to leapfrog its existing limitations and provide a platform for applications and other systems to use the data as part of the business processes seamlessly thus adding value. The APIs will also enable the organization to visualize the data and improve processes to deliver better care, improve operational efficiencies thus reducing the costs. The added advantage of the HL7 FHIR APIs is the ability of the system to interoperate with other business partners more seamlessly, thus reducing cycle times for routine jobs.

Data Analytics and Visualization

Collecting and harmonizing data from various data sources is the first step in using it to make meaningful decisions. Our InteropX product suite extract, harmonize and make the data available for the business to perform analytics. InteropX also provides Data Analytics and visualization tools and services which help in performing analysis and organizing results into various reports to help healthcare providers, regulatory agencies, state public health officials, payers, ACOs, and HIEs make informed decisions. InteropX tools allows you to query the data, generate reports, better understand the data, and disseminate information easily, allowing you to move from collecting data to decision making.

Data Aggregation and Harmonization

With evolving requirements, such as Stage 3 Meaningful Use, Alternative Payment Model (APM) reporting, or need for supporting care coordination, it has become necessary to have access to multiple different data sources and be able to create an aggregated/harmonized set of data. InteropX products allows payor, hospital systems, administrators, etc. to easily access, collect, aggregate, and harmonize data from multitude of data sources providing them with a consolidated view to make better informed decision for patient care coordination, improve quality and safety, and provide cost-savings.

InteropX-DX product provides the ability to extract data for one or more patients in bulk from multiple health IT systems (including EHRs) using healthcare standards. However there may be many situations where the source systems are not standards compatible and may require custom data extraction mechanisms to be built. InteropX Bulk Data Extraction will provide the services and tools that can make the extraction seamless regardless of the data source capability and make the data available for the rest of business for analytics and visualization

SMART Applications

SMART Health IT is an open, standards based technology platform that enables creating apps that seamlessly and securely run across the healthcare system. Leveraging HL7 FHIR standard, SMART on FHIR apps can help providers, hospital systems, public health agencies, and other healthcare practitioners to leverage EHR system or data warehouse to improve clinical care,

research, population and public health. InteropX platform natively supports developing and deploying SMART Apps for various business needs, allowing user to easily access EHR data.

InteropX team is well versed with HL7 FHIR and platforms that make use of the HL7 FHIR specifications. In particular the team has built multiple SMART on FHIR applications conforming to the specifications which include InteropX-DR SMART client which is used for case reporting, patient reported outcomes, and research data collection among other use cases. We offer these services to develop other SMART on FHIR applications using the data platform that can be established using the InteropX-DX and InteropX-DR

InteropX Integration Services

Our team and partners provide a full-set of integration services to ensure that InteropX platform seamlessly integrate within your environment. These services include, but not limited to:

  • System Integration
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Security Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
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