Data Aggregation and Harmonization

With evolving requirements, such as Stage 3 Meaningful Use, Alternative Payment Model (APM) reporting, or need for supporting care coordination, it has become necessary to have access to multiple different data sources and be able to create an aggregated/harmonized set of data. InteropX products allows payoer, hospital systems, administrators, etc. to easily access, collect, aggregate, and harmonize data from multitude of data sources providing them with a consolidated view to make better informed decision for patient care coordination, improve quality and safety, and provide cost-savings.

InteropX-DX product provides the ability to extract data for one or more patients in bulk from multiple health IT systems (including EHRs) using healthcare standards. However there may be many situations where the source systems are not standards compatible and may require custom data extraction mechanisms to be built. InteropX Bulk Data Extraction will provide the services and tools that can make the extraction seamless regardless of the data source capability and make the data available for the rest of business for analytics and visualization.

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