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InteropX is a standards-based data access platform to extract EHR data to perform population analytics, trending, quality measure…

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NextGen Healthcare Data Reporting


InteropX is a standards-based data access platform to extract EHR data to perform population analytics, trending, quality measure…

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Insightful Decision Making for Hospitals


Seamlessly consolidate and aggregate data from multiple EHR systems for clinical research, enterprise dashboard, data reporting …

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InteropX Healthcare Platform

Make Your Business Processes More Efficient

Payers & ACO for Healthcare Services

InteropX enables Payer & ACOs to access EHR data for their members, link the data with other data sets such as Claims, quality metrics, geographical data and assess overall value and quality of care provided, along with identification of at-risk population. This helps Payers & ACOs to better manage care for at-risk population and reduce the overall cost. The platform also helps Payers to perform population analysis and trending to understand the member ecosystem

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Federal & State Agencies

InteropX helps federal and State health agencies by providing direct integration with the EHR systems to collect structured, readily analyzable patient-related clinical data for reportable conditions, for analysis, determination and prevention. It also provides data analytics tools to help determine the impact and scope of the disease and facilitate dissemination of information and appropriate guidelines to provider’s EHR system.

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Hospital Network Alliance

InteropX provides tools to collect and harmonize data from various health IT systems within a hospital system to ensure appropriate utilization management of healthcare services, perform, easily perform mandatory reporting, generate and manage quality measures data, and help with cost containment. The PDMP module allows providers within the hospital system to access patient’s prescription history at the point-of-care to better help the patient and suggest intervention, as necessary.

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Why InteropX?

InteropX is the state-of-the-art, highly scalable, cost-effective, enterprise-level solution for liberating your data from EHR systems, one or more patients at a time. InteropX enables you to focus on the usage of the data instead of data extraction and preparation for analysis. Without adding any burden to the providers, healthcare data managers or system administrators, your desired data is made available to you in your system ready for immediate analysis, decision making, and reporting.

If you are a payer, an administrator of State or Federal Public Health Surveillance System, or a data manager of a hospital network alliance, you need InteropX to:

  • Add unprecedented efficiency into your business operations
  • Reduce the cost of your business operation but significantly improve the quality of your data
  • Receive data updates as the data is updated in the EHR Systems


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