Improving Outcomes Through Data and Technology


Simplifying Healthcare Data Collection, Access, and Analysis

EHRs have significantly improved the quality of care and successfully reduced the cost of operating a healthcare business. However, as technology continues to advance, expectations are higher than ever, and competition is fierce. Because of the rapid-fire shifts, there is no standardization, making data collection and aggregation exceedingly complicated and prone to error by omission.

Changing compliance and data governance regulations complicate matters even further, creating a landscape where it’s become challenging to ensure a high level of care. In this environment, growth, cost-effectiveness, and quality outcomes would be impossible without a comprehensive solution—and this is the “why” behind InteropX.

The next frontier of our healthcare system must address the ever-increasing cost and complexity of providing quality healthcare to our citizens. We believe that a significant portion of that cost is attributed to data sharing and interoperability challenges. Our vision is to eliminate these barriers by introducing an EHR-agnostic data access platform that enables secure, scalable, and efficient access to the health data you are authorized to access.


From Data to Decision

InteropX has proven its value in a wide range of use cases. Organizations that use our systems and tools have dramatically improved business processes and eliminated compliance concerns related to healthcare data access.

True to our vision, InteropX is agile, nimble, user-friendly, and infinitely scalable. Our platform can extract data from any EHR or connected source, aggregating and transforming that data into actionable insights that inform critical business and healthcare decisions.

Best of all, InteropX works with your existing third-party data sources, so there is no need to reinvent the wheel or invest in a significant IT overhaul. Once onboarded, your team—and your patients—will enjoy simplified workflows, faster results, and fewer oversights because of siloed data.




Latif Khalil

Co-founder & CEO

A proven solutions architect, accomplished entrepreneur, and a trailblazer in healthcare data standards and interoperability.


Nagesh Bhasyam

Co-founder & CTO

A proven technology leader across multiple healthcare domains. Has architected and delivered projects of national significance.

Our Capabilities

Capabilities Standardization


InteropX standardizes data into a single source of truth.

Capabilities Compliance


InteropX is fully compliant with CMS and ONC standards, right out of the box.

Capabilities Data Driven Decisions

Data-Driven Decisions

Make critical decisions based on the totality of data, not just a slice of it.

Capabilities Improved Outcomes

Improved Outcomes

InteropX improves outcomes for patients, healthcare organizations, and public health.