Standards Compliance and HL7 FHIR Enablement

It is always easier to achieve interoperability if everyone is following same standard(s).  However, that is far from reality now, and everyone must be able to support multitude of health IT standards and protocols. InteropX solutions can help you achieve standards compliance with minimal disruption to your existing IT infrastructure. Our health IT standards and interoperability subject matter experts can help you navigate through complex and difficult decision-making process to achieve the compliance that best fits your need.  

InteropX and its partners provide HL7 FHIR enablement services to expose APIs for your existing data assets — repositories, clinical systems, claims systems etc. Addition of HL7 FHIR APIs will help your organization to leapfrog its existing limitations and provide a platform for applications and other systems to use the data as part of the business processes seamlessly thus adding value. The APIs will also enable the organization to visualize the data and improve processes to deliver better care, improve operational efficiencies thus reducing the costs. The added advantage of the HL7 FHIR APIs is the ability of the system to interoperate with other business partners more seamlessly, thus reducing cycle times for routine jobs.

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