The Most Complete Healthcare Data Exchange and Interoperability Solution

InteropX Platform is a state-of-the-art, highly scalable, cost-effective, enterprise-level solution for liberating your data from EHR systems and other internal and external data silos.

InteropX enables you to focus on the usage of the data instead of data extraction, transformation, and data quality headaches. Additionally, your consolidated data is stored in the FHIR format with a complete suite of certified FHIR APIs for your data exchange and interoperability needs.

InteropX empowers Providers to visualize longitudinal Patient Data at the Point of Care enabling better decision making for improved patient outcomes. InteropX also empowers Patients to access their complete clinical, claims, formulary, provider directory data from Payer systems using their favorite healthcare application or patient portal. InteropX empowers the Payers to integrate data from Providers, HIEs and other data sources creating a unified compliant data repository using a robust data integration pipeline as shown below:

Healthcare Apps Development and Integration

The InteropX Platform leverages FHIR-compliant RESTful APIs to provide access to the aggregated and curated patient data stored in the InteropX Data Lake. Using the standards-based APIs with the fully linked and de-duplicated patient data, you can integrate existing applications or develop new ones to improve productivity, optimize workflows, and improve data collaboration in your healthcare organization.

InteropX enables 3rd party app registration to test in a sandbox environment and then when ready to publish the apps for production. These apps can be developed by Payers, Providers, 3rd party app developers all of which can be integrated to the data lake using FHIR APIs, SMART on FHIR security protocols, Bulk FHIR access and security mechanisms and CDS Hooks based approaches.

InteropX Patient Access Portal

You don’t have to use 3rd-party apps to be in compliance with the CMS Patient Access Rule. The InteropX Patient Portal enables instant compliance with the CMS regulations.

The Patient Access Portal provides secure access to patients’ clinical and claims data in a format that is coherent and uncluttered. The Portal also provides access to Provider Directory and Drug Formulary data according to the CMS Patient Access Rule regulations.

Provider Burden Reduction Applications

Future CMS regulations are looking at reducing provider burden by automating prior authorization checking, collecting documentation for prior authorization requests, submitting prior authorization requests, and receiving responses that can be provided back to care teams and their patients.

The apps supporting Provider Burden Reduction include Coverage Requirements Discovery (CRD), Documentation Templates and Rules (DTR), and Prior Authorization Support (PAS) to fully support the prior authorization workflow between provider and payer.

CMS and ONC Regulatory Compliance

The new CMS Patient Access Rule and the ONC interoperability requirements are challenging, especially for Payers. InteropX helps you achieve CMS and ONC Rules compliance without the need to rearchitect your IT infrastructure.

Our team of subject matter experts along with the packaged InteropX solution will implement a compliance solution customized to your environment with minimal changes to your existing IT infrastructure. The compliant InteropX based solution can be deployed locally on-premise or in your own secure cloud, compliant with your organizations security and privacy policies.

InteropX Platform offers certified APIs and Apps to support CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Rule, the ONC 21st Century Cures Act, and the U.S. Core Data for Interoperability (USCDI) covering:

Provider Directory API
Patient Access API
Claims and Encounter Data
US Drug Formulary
Patient Clinical Data
Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange
Bulk Data Export API

In addition, InteropX Platform includes support for the following Apps and APIs:

Ready to deploy fully compliant CMS Patient Access Portal
Support for Beneficiary Claims Data API (BCDA) and CMS Data at the Point of Care (DPC) to allow ACOs and Providers to access patients claims data for Value Based and “Fee For Service” programs.
Burden Reduction Applications including Prior Authorization

Continuous Data Aggregation, Quality Checking and Harmonization of Data Sources with Patient Matching and Linking

Evolving requirements, such as Stage 3 Meaningful Use, Alternative Payment Model (APM) reporting, or multidisciplinary care coordination, require access to multiple data sources—and a way to aggregate that data into a harmonized view. InteropX allows payor, hospital systems, administrators, and all stakeholders to access, collect, aggregate, and harmonize data from a multitude of data sources, enabling coordinated care, improving quality and safety, delivering cost-savings, and improving clinical outcomes. InteropX supports the following formats for data ingestion:

CSV Files
Text Files
Database Extracts
HL7 v2 messages
C-CDA documents
EDI files

InteropX examines the incoming data for quality, completeness, standardization, best practices and compliance and provides quantifiable quality reports which can be shared with the data sources to clean and improve incoming data. After the quality checking is complete InteropX Ai/ML algorithms perform Patient Matching and Linking with feedback from analysts as needed to properly match and link patient data from disparate data sources and persist the data finally for analysis and decision making.

Without adding any burden to the providers, healthcare data managers or system administrators, your desired data is available to you in real-time, ready for immediate analysis, decision making, and reporting.

If you are a payer, an administrator of State or Federal Public Health Surveillance Systems, or a data manager of a hospital network alliance, InteropX can:

Add unprecedented efficiency into your business operations.
Reduce operational costs and significantly improve the quality of your data.
Support continuous data updates in sync with the data updates in the data sources.
Add robust data quality checking and reporting for each data source that can be used to inform and improve quality of the data ingested.

Population Health Data Analytics

Collecting and harmonizing data from all data sources is the first step in creating an analyzable data set to support meaningful decisions. InteropX extracts, harmonizes, standardizes, and curates healthcare data from all possible sources, providing a solid foundation from which to gain valuable insights.

Our data analytics and visualization tools deliver actionable business intelligence, organizing results into customizable reports to inform the way forward for healthcare providers, regulatory agencies, state public health officials, payers, ACOs, and HIEs.

InteropX seamlessly takes you from data collection to decision-making, simplifying the complex and bringing teams together to focus on a common case, which includes querying data, generating reports, and sharing information with your stakeholders.

InteropX provides the following dashboards to visualize the data:

Dashboards on data extractions, transformations, patient matching and linking
Dashboards on data sources including metrics and counts on each type of data elements
Patient Matching and Linking algorithms success and resolutions patterns
Patient Data Longitudinal View highlighting Patient Matching/Linking, distinct Automated vs Manual linking, Provenance information and duplicated and de-duplicated view of data.
Population Cohort extraction dashboard to create your own hypothesis and extract cohorts for examining Populations of Patient data based on diseases, medications, procedures stratified by gender, race, ethnicity, address among other details.

HL7 FHIR Centric Solution

InteropX stores the data in a graph database using JSON document structures which are based on FHIR Schemas with extensions. This enables us to meet various regulatory compliances and API requirements quite easily without requiring additional ETL processes when the data is accessed. The InteropX data lake APIs are already compliant with the existing regulations as outlined above.

InteropX’s HL7 FHIR centric solution and FHIR APIs democratize data from repositories, clinical, and claims systems, removing barriers to growth and helping you improve business processes that drive measurable value. InteropX will enable your organization to:

Visualize data across data sources
Optimize processes and streamline workflows using data
Enable stakeholder interaction with simple intuitive interfaces
Reduce Costs and
Improve Patient Outcomes with streamlined, linked, longitudinal data

InteropX EMR Solution

InteropX EMR is a certified solution designed to seamlessly integrate with your EHR/EMR software to enable the software to be fully compliant with the §170.315 (g)(10) Standardized API for patient and population services requirements including support for SMART on FHIR Apps, FHIR Bulk Data, registration, approvals of vendor apps, security protocols required to comply with the regulations. The solution integrates with your existing data bases without requiring any new software on the EMR.

InteropX Data Bridge Solution

InteropX Data Bridge Solution leverages healthcare data standards to seamlessly integrate with healthcare systems to extract patient’s clinical, labs, and claims data for::

Health Plans
Managed Service Organizations (MSOs)
Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
Data Collection Vendor
Data Analytics Vendor

The collected patient data is curated and stored in central repository that serves as your medical records hub enabling you to access the chart data in any format of your choice.

InteropX, as your trusted interoperability partner, also provides cutting edge technologies to create a standards-based platform to seamlessly integrate 3rd party apps or create apps to integrate you’re your partners.